Migraine – A Real Headache & More

An associate of mine mentioned to me recently that he had a “terrible migraine over the weekend”, and a couple of days later he still had a significant soreness at the top of his head as a result.

In earlier life, having been a migraine sufferer myself, I knew exactly what he had been going through. My migraine was always triggered by strong light. Thankfully, to date, I had only had three or four hefty belts of this distressing condition. However, when the condition visited, it was indeed some piece of work.

My first experience was during my school days. I was sitting in a classroom beside a window which had no curtain, nor blind. The sun was full and blinding in the sky and it caught me in the outer corner of my left eye. A nerve started to move in the corner of the eye. Just a slight flicker at first. I thought wiping the eye might sort it out, but no. Gradually the flicker became more pronounced. The flicker then progressively, over a short time, increased in my field of vision and eventually traversed across to the other corner of my eye literally blinding me with what I could only describe as being akin to television interference, as it progressed.

When my affected eye was fully bathed in the interference, I next experienced the on-set of what I later was told is the classic migraine headache. A blinder, which typically occurs on one side or the other, of the sufferers head. In tandem with the headache, my stomach began to churn, and it was not until finally, some time later, when I was compelled to throw up that at last I got relief from the headache and nauseousness. In fact I can say, once relieved of the condition, I felt great. I felt, within a very short period, as if it had never occurred.

A second experience of the condition was in early adulthood while working. I was doing some practical work within an enclosed area, and had an electrical lead lamp slung about half way up a wall to provide the only illumination. As before, I caught a flash of the unshielded strong light in the corner of one of my eyes and off went the migraine. Exact same pattern as before.

I was told by my GP at the time that the only thing to do would be to take some over the counter medication for the headache, and get into bed in a darkened room. It worked. As far as I can recall the mediation which I took at that time was called Vegnan. However, I think that Vegnan has since gone off the market.

For me, a simple remedy for most headaches has been fresh air. Many times, while feeling a tad under the weather, I have gone walking in the beautiful surroundings of Dublin’s famous Phoenix Park. It has never failed to lift my spirit and clear my head.

It would seem that many more triggers, other than light, exist to set this most unpleasant and mostly temporary condition off. Have you ever suffered from migraine? What are the triggers that set your migraine off? Have you learned to cope and how?

Here is a selection of resources which might be of assistance to you in researching your own situation:

The Migraine Association of Ireland
Mayo Clinic – Migraine Causes
Women’s Health
Migraine – Wikipedia
HSE – Migraine Causes
Medicine Net – Migraine Headache


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