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It is said that everyone has a book in them and maybe this is a true statement. However assuming in the first place, that an individual has a modicum of writing ability; then the challenge becomes one of how to get the literary work into the light of day. How to give the words the freedom they may have been hankering for and how to do it all in a way that would truly merit the eventual grand prize of publication.

In the world of work, I had written numerous words into numerous documents, but publication in the true sense, extended only to a scattering of poems which I sent to a number of newspapers, many years ago.

I harboured an urge to write, but was daunted by the apparent challenge of having to navigate the intimidating world of big publishing. The likely rejection slips, which were almost par for the course for the myriad of new writers who regularly tip-toed on the writing scene, was not a very palatable prospect.

Then there was Amazon, eBooks and all that; the brave new world with the promise of freedom for newbie writers. The seemingly impregnable walls of big publishing were crumbling and the day of the Independent Writer or Indie was at hand.

All I needed was a tipping point; a gentle push which would see me on my way. That came in the form of a Kindle (Keyboard) eReader which I acquired in late 2011. Could I become an Amazonian? Why not? So, how could I get from the A of Kindle ownership, to the B of Kindle authorship? Well, that’s where serendipity stepped in, because on 17th February 2012 an article appeared in the Irish Independent entitled: “How eBooks can take the vanity out of publishing … and change your life.”

The article, written by Kevin Flanagan MD of the BeCreative Media Group, flagged a first of its kind course in ePublishing with Independent College on Dublin’s Dawson Street. Planned commence date was 5th March 2012. On 20th February I went along to the introductory seminar and signed up.

Now in its 10th week and with just two more group sessions to its conclusion I must say that for me, it has been a well travelled and most enjoyable journey. Under the expert tutelage of Kevin Flanagan and his associates from BeCreative, we newbie writers and prospective Indie publishers have been put through our paces. Not alone have we been guided through the key aspects of Independent ePublishing but we have also been taken through the core aspects of writing and indeed how to utilise social media in the promotion of the eventual published works. As a small group of potential Indies we have been introduced to each others work; shared ideas and offered constructive critiques along the way.

Since the course began David Lawlor, a member of our group, finished his novel and successfully ePublished the work on Amazon. His novel entitled: Tan is a most entertaining and in many ways educational story. David’s novel, set in Balbriggan, reveals the terrible time experienced by the people in that area during the era of the hated Blank and Tans. I have read it; enjoyed it and would classify it as a page turner.

For my own part, I had a couple of ideas for writing projects which I fielded earlier during the course. With guidance from Kevin Flanagan I re-prioritised the ideas so that a project involving Dublin’s Phoenix Park was moved up my list to a pivotal position.

This posting is a tribute to the BeCreative Team for their good work and for the dedicated support given to our writing group to date. It is also a tribute to the talented newbie writer colleagues on our course, whose excellent work I look forward to seeing published, in due course.

The BeCreative Group, in association with their ePublishing Course, have created a supportive Writers Forum. Why not check it out? You may find answers to some questions you may have about ePublishing there. No doubt, in time, mention of the next ePublishing Course hosted by the BeCreative Group, will also appear there.

Do you write? Have you any ideas for writing? Have you been published?
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