We must reach towards the stars; sooner rather than later


Newgrange Passage Tomb

Most of us, the lucky ones, live a safe and fulfilling life, cocooned in the bubble of our own private existence. Many of us pass the entirety of life’s journey, with minimum travails, absorbed in earning a living, raising young and interacting within a close loop of family and friends. We have little time, if any, outside our necessary work-a-day self-absorption to contemplate our greater existence; where, as a species we originally came from, or what may be happening in our Solar System, our Galaxy or indeed the vast Cosmos, of which we are but a tiny infinitesimal  but very open part. Maybe now, in our 21st Century, it is time, as individuals, that we gave more consideration, to such matters?

There are of course many specialists who do contemplate extraterrestrial matters; people with much scientific skill and dedication, who seek to advance our knowledge of the vastness of the mysterious environment within which the world we inhabit exists. They seek also to unlock the mysteries of many of the other worlds, which also occupy that same environment. Astronomers, Physicists, Mathematicians, Planetary Scientists, Rocket Engineers and many more, bring their talents to the table, in mankind’s effort to push the boundaries of space science and in so doing, to permanently unshackle human kind, from the bonds of Earth.

Throughout the ages, many have been fascinated by the night sky. On a clear night, the universe puts on a glorious display of various sized twinkling lights. Who could fail to be impressed and indeed mystified, by such a masterful vista filling and seeming endless display? Certainly, here in Ireland, our Stone Age ancestors were impressed. They built stone monuments, which many believe, align with particular star systems. They also built, what many now believe to be, primitive astronomic observatories; one prominent example being, the “Passage Tomb” structure on a high vantage location, 8km west of the town of Drogheda, in an area known as Newgrange.

Newgrange, with its long, internal portal accessed passage, which leads to a central inner chamber, was constructed in the Neolithic period circa 3200 BC. Newgrange therefore, is older than Stonehenge in England and indeed older, by 500 years, than the great Egyptian Pyramids. The builders of Newgrange aligned it with the rising sun in such a manner, so as to ensure that during each winter solstice, the rays of the sun, would enter the passage via the portal and for a sustained period, bathe both the passage and the inner chamber, in light; masterful building indeed. However, with the builder’s obvious awareness of the heavens, it would be hard to credit, that such a gargantuan building effort would be put into something, which would have a use on, but one occasion each year. This is where speculation related to astronomical observation enters the equation. When, on a clear night, inside the darkened passage, our ancestors observing the heavens would enjoy a portal framed view of sections of that magnificent vista as Earth rotated, during the hours of local darkness. The strange thing about Newgrange, is that at some point in its ancient history, it was totally entombed and remained in virtual obscurity, until its re-discovery and excavation by Irish Professor Michael J. O’Kelly, in the later part of the 20th Century.

For all we believe we know about Earth’s history, there is yet so very much we simply do not know. We find sophisticated stone structures around our world and marvel at how the “ancients” could possibly have crafted and erected them. Speculation abounds about “ancient technologies” but, how could such technologies have been acquired? Yes our Earth is old; very old. Chillingly however, we are also aware, of certain significant past extinction events, but we do not yet have any comprehensive understanding of exactly how and why these events occurred. Given the age of Earth, it is of course conceivable, that past human/humanoid civilisations did exist here and having thrived for millennia, created and utilised sophisticated technologies; technologies  now lost to us in time and swept away perhaps, by global extinction events?  So, if we are to survive as a species, it is my simple belief that we need to accelerate our study and understanding of such matters; we need to do so urgently and in a spirit of world-wide open co-operation, nation with nation. We need to stop wasting our precious resources of finance and intelligence on wars of both greed and the destruction of our own kind, but instead focus as much of those resources as possible, towards expanding our knowledge of the history of Earth, its place in our Solar System and its near companion worlds.

As a young person, I had a magnetic allure towards space exploration. It was an evolving new science; an exciting “final frontier” which seemed to hold so much promise for the future of mankind; possibly as a space faring species. I watched, with all-consuming interest; transfixed over the years, as the Apollo Programme unfolded and was broadcast on our then, black and white TV screen. I bore witness to the birth and the ultimate phasing out, of the Moon Landings Programme. I watched in awe as the Space Shuttle Programme was developed. I noted its many successful missions and indeed its number of sad tragedies. I saw the Space Station become a reality, grow and become a permanent human habitation outside of the atmosphere of Earth. I watched with keen interest, as sophisticated robotic exploratory craft were dispatched to many bodies within our Solar System and indeed was profoundly impressed, when at least one, eventually travelled outside our Solar System, into the vastness of interstellar space. However, of all of this, the one point of interest which seems to have really captured people’s imaginations is the now ongoing, tentative exploration of one of our nearest planetary neighbours, Mars.

Many of course would argue that all of this “so called space exploration”, has been one giant hoax, with filming being done at secret locations on Earth and broadcast by complicit media, to deceived masses. Well, while keeping an open mind, I nonetheless believe that we do need some dog and bone type investigative journalism to possibly expose truth here, wherever it is uncovered. However, I tend to lean towards the benefit of the doubt and as such, until I obtain any incontrovertible truth of the situation, will continue to believe that space exploration, is actually occurring.

So, to Mars; in recent years, with the combination of orbiting and surface rover based exploration, we have obtained an unprecedented volume, of pretty good resolution imagery, of the surface of the red planet. At first, on the face of it, it seemed mostly to be a barren desolate and moon like, dead world. However, with the sophisticated combination of scientific feedback from the team of Mars exploration robots, this is now being proven, more and more, to be anything but the truth.

Plumes of methane gas, one of the most common markers of life, have been noted frequently, emanating from the planet’s surface. Carbon based molecules, another indicator of possible life, have been detected within samples of surface soil analysed by the rovers. Flowing water has been observed, at particular times of year, in the Martian northern hemisphere. Evidence of the once existence of ancient oceans and of the presence of standing water, have also been found. The scientific conclusion therefore has been reached, that Mars once hosted an effective biosphere, perhaps identical to that of the Earths and the conclusion reached by the Planetary Science Director of the University of Michigan, Ms Sushil Atreya is: “Mars is currently active”.

Assuming that we actually are, exploring Mars and that all of the images of Mars made public by NASA, in recent years, are authentic representations of the surface of that planet, then, there is a reason, why we need to get archeologists to Mars sooner, rather than later. With the volume of images released by NASA to the internet, significant interest has been generated. Many people have taken the time to examine, oft-times, in the minutest of detail, such images. On a very regular basis, people have noted what they broadly describe as “anomalies”, in these images. There are a myriad of videos now on the internet, featuring such Mars images with anomalies and offering various explanations, as to what people believe, they may be.

I have seen many of these images and can say with confidence and with an open mind, that in so many instances, these anomalies really do look exactly like fragments of ancient archeological runes; statues; temples or bits of buildings, the likes of which we may routinely come across, at ancient sites, here on Earth. So, it would seem that Mars definitely does have a story to tell. In my humble opinion, we need to read that story and we need to understand it, quickly, because our very future survival, as a species, may well depend upon whatever new and wider knowledge, we may glean from the Mars story.

Dr. John Brandenburg PhD, Plasma Physicist and Instructor in Astronomy, Physics and Mathematics at Madison College Wisconsin in his book: “Death on Mars” suggests that there is “evidence of an Earth like Mars in the past”. He further and rather disturbingly suggests, backed by scientific evidence, that there exists: “nuclear data revealing ‘weapons-signature’ isotopes showing two massive nuclear air bursts [in the past] in the northern regions of Mars.”

Dr. Brandenburg’s experience extends to: orbital technologies, space plasma nuclear fusion, and advance space propulsion. He spent many years working both as a contractor and directly for the U.S. Government, in space and military weapons development technologies.

As individuals, we need to breach the bubble of our own private existence and become aware of the startling possibility, that something unsavory may have occurred in the past, on a planet, as close to us as makes no difference. We need to add our voices to a global call for more urgent progress in the matter of getting humans to Mars. We need to read the story which Mars has to reveal and we need to do it very soon.

Dr. Brandenburg’s publication is not a Si-Fi book. It is factually based upon a scientific study of Mars data over many years and was completed in collaboration with several notable scientists and professionals, in the sphere of Astronomy and Space Exploration.

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